How Vitae OnDemand Works

  • Get in touch
    Fill in the contact form (takes 5 minutes) where you will be asked simple questions about your project.
  • Vitae OnDemand reaches back to you
    Together, we will refine your initial idea and determine the feasibility of your project.
  • A business proposal is sent to you
    The proposal includes a start day, the number of positions required to complete your project, types of position and pricing. If you agree to it, we set things in motion →
  • Recruitment phase
    Our recruiters begin the hunt for your talents. At the same time, you are given access to your remote working environment and receive training on how to use it to the full extent of its capacities.
  • Team members selection
    Our recruiters start presenting you their top candidates and you start the interviewing process. Once you decide on whom you want to work with, Vitae OnDemand takes care of the legal requirements to get the board.
  • Get to work !
    You and your remote team start working together. If you come along any trouble along the way, you can get back in touch with your dedicated Vitae OnDemand staff.
  • Your project is completed
    Vitae OnDemand takes care of the legal aspects of ending your collaboration with your remote team.